Singapore MSPs & Imagine Cup!

Singapore’s February MSP Meet-up

In Singapore, we have our MSP meetups monthly. It is a great opportunity to be able to sync up and discuss technological topics with them on such a regular basis.

For the month of February 2017, we decided to build the leadership and personal branding skills of our MSPs. Thus, our theme for this meetup was “Personal Improvement”.

We invited a great speaker from LinkedIn to talk about getting started and what to do to build a great professional profile. Everyone was super interested and at the end, we also announced our MSP Singapore LinkedIn group where MSPs from past and present can join and network with each other.

We also had our MSP, Terry, who had the chance to join the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Summit in Seattle. He shared about his experiences and getting to meet other MSPs from around the world!

Following which, we all had a great time with great food during our buffet lunch!

Some updates on the Imagine Cup 2017 in Singapore

Recently, the finalists for Imagine Cup 2017 in Singapore were announced. We saw many interesting and innovative solutions and the 6 best teams from both universities and polytechnics have managed to qualify!

They used multiple different technologies such as Azure App Services, Microsoft Bot Framework and Azure Machine Learning. We are excited for the finals and can’t wait to see the best of what the teams have to offer. Do stay up-to-date with our blog!

Thank you for reading!

Shawn Tjai
MSP Lead for Singapore

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