Tech Days at Microsoft Mexico

Hi there! My name is Oscar Sánchez, MSP from Mexico, and I want to share with you one of the activities that I do the most

Every month, the first two Fridays of each month in company of my friend Luis Rodriguez, we receive so many groups of students from all over our country at Microsoft Mexico offices. This event is called [School Name] Tech Day

Students at Microsoft Mexico offices
Students at a Tech Day conference

At this events, students have the chance to know the office, our MTC, and we have the chance to give conferences to them about the technologies Microsoft could offer them

We collaborate with the Microsoft Education team (additionally of our collaboration with DX) , so first we introduce them to Office 365 for students and it’s benefits for them, and later, we talk about technology, innovation, the impact of tech in our lives and how could they start their path as developers, all of this while we show them the wide range of development tools that are available for them and that they could start using whether they are new or, if they’re already developers, to improve their abilities

Students Groups that visit our offices at Mexico
Students that came to our offices in Mexico, I introduced them to Azure \^-^/

I dedicate myself to always giving the conference about Innovation (like hololens or cognitive services), Azure, Internet of Things and Development (Universal Windows Platform and Cross Platform with Xamarin).

What I always look for is that, in the end of the day, students  would’ve known a new technology, awaken a desire of knowing more, and leave the office with this idea:

“We, as developers, must always guide our work and effort to benefit people, to improve their and our lives, and to empower everyone to achieve more”. 


See you soon in another post!

Oscar Sánchez

MSP Lead for México


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