Hour of Code Indonesia

Each year Hour of Code events held in every country, not forgetting in Indonesia was held also Hour of Code. In Indonesia, Hour of Code held on 13-15 December 2016, but this time the event is name “Generasi Bisa”. Where “Generasi Bisa” itself has two main activities, namely Skype-a-Thon and Hour of Code. In a series of events “Generasi Bisa” Microsoft Student Partner Indonesia participated as co-trainer Hour of Code.

First and second day of Hour of Code, Microsoft Indonesia cooperate Clevio Coder Camp and YCAB Foundation, event took place in America, Pacific Place, Jakarta. First day theme discussed is Hour of Code with Moms and Girl, which is where all participants are women who are made up of mostly Senior High School student and Vocational High School was selected from several areas in Jakarta and Mothers of office workers and housewives.

While on second day, Hour of Code event theme Universal and majority of participants are high school students and vocational around Jakarta. Participants in first and second day not having problems severe enough to solve challenges that exist at every level. Material taught Minecraft is a game that is in code.org. Where every participant who followed Hour of Code asked to help one of characters that can be provided to resolve the problems that exist at every level up to level 15.

On third day was the highlight of Hour of Code whose activities took place in Jakarta Smart City (JSC) Lounge, Jakarta Administration. There are slightly different with background of participants in third, where most are journalists from various print and online media in Indonesia. Participants in third day of enthusiasm and passion enough to attend a series of events Hour of Codes peak. Just like before, here we also served as co-trainer (Trainer presented by Mr. Yugie Nugraha, Tech Evangelist Microsoft Indonesia) and material presented are still same, namely Minecraft on website code.org.

Participants at third day was quite feel difficulty with this material Because many of them are still not familiar with field of Computer Science. Here, the role of Microsoft Student Partner we helped introduce and teach way of thinking and problem solving over any problems that exist.

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