Microsoft Nepal Disaster Response

Nepal Sunpod2

Their works and technologies contribute to the victims MSP Nepal (Microsoft Student Partner in Nepal) volunteering for earthquake victims after the big tremor felt in Nepal. Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal is now working with 150 volunteers to help earthquake victims. The volunteers were working in various affected areas and activities for helping the people through the technology.




MSP (Mahesh) providing free Skype calls to public

MSP Nepal were working in various affected areas, offering their mobile phones to victims so that they can make international call through Skype. In response to the destructive Richter 7.6 magnitude earthquake on April 25, Skype has opened up its landline and mobile calls to and from Nepal free of cost. With most people focusing on distributing relief materials like tent, food and medicine, this initiative comes as a surprising but welcome support for victims.

The volunteers have visited different places to provide this service, and people have been calling their family member and relatives to assure them that they are safe. These call have also been important because people were able to ask their relative for financial help.

Nepal free Skype calls2

One of the volunteers, Monalisha Dhimal, who visited the Swayambhu area, says the people were happy to be able to speak to their families. “The calls were to ask for financial help from family members, friends and to let them know they are fine. Many of them praised us for doing such a great job. I also helped people with their phone setting and made them aware about Skype calls,” added Monalisha. Starting from Saturday, May 2 they have reached out to almost 100 people to provide this work.

Nepal free Skype calls3


Nepal Sunpod

Microsoft innovation center Nepal have placed the Microsoft SunPod a station where the unit is powered by solar power and can be used to recharge phones and devices. It also provides Internet through Wi-Fi and 3G as backhaul, also facilitated with free international Skype calls though Free Skype calls to landlines and mobile phones are no longer available to general public. Microsoft SunPos placed in Jawalakhel

Nepal Sunpod2

SunPod is placed in such areas where people are living in temporary shelters such as ‘tents’, to ensure that they are able to charge their devices and get connected to their relatives, friends and families through the Free calls. MSP Nepal volunteered to help the general public to make the correct use of the SunPod. They are mainly helping in providing the general public Free calls and checking whether the SunPod is providing the internet connectivity or not.


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